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Costa Coffee Club Kuwait Application is the mobile application of the loyalty program that is managed by Costa Coffee Kuwait.

Yes, the Costa Coffee Kuwait mobile app is available at App Store for iPhone devices and at Play Store for Android devices.

No, the Costa Coffee Club loyalty program is entirely digital now.

Yes, the stamp cards will no longer be valid.

It is very straight forward.

  • Download

Please enter into App Store or Play Store, search for Costa Coffee Club Kuwait and click download button on the right.

  • Enrol

After the download is complete, please open the Costa Coffee Club Kuwait app and tap the “Get Me Started” button, write your phone number and enter the 4 digit OTP code that is delivered to you by SMS. Now, you are enrolled to the program and ready to use the app.

  • Sign-up and become a member

After the enrolment process is complete, you can continue to signing-up by tapping the sign-up button, entering your name, surname, e-mail address and accepting the Costa Coffee Club Kuwait App terms and conditions. 

  • Complete your profile

After the sign-up process you can proceed to completing your profile to get bonus beans.

No, downloading the app, enrolling to use the app and becoming a member is totally without any fees or charges. 

While giving their order, customers need to use their Costa Coffee Club Kuwait app and show their QR codes at the cash register to earn beans. Customers can spend their beans in their purchases and enjoy free products. You earn beans in all your purchases.

QR code is a unique identifier in the mobile app for the customers at the cash registers. Baristas need to scan this QR Code to identify the customer at the cash register and let customers get their beans and special offers.

QR code is easily accessible across the app by tilting the mobile phone so that you save time at the till! You can also tap the SCAN button in the bottom menu, to generate your QR Code.You need to have your QR code scanned during your purchase before you make the payment. The QR code refreshes itself before each use.

Yes, customers earn 100 bonus beans for downloading the app and another 100 beans for completing their profile information in the mobile app.

Every 100 fils spend will earn you 1 bean; for 1 KD spending, 10 beans are earned. This is for Red Tier customers, the Gold Tier customers earn more beans.

Beans are integer values, there is no fractional bean earnings, the beans earned are always rounded down integer numbers. For example, if you spend 2.55 KD, you will earn 25 beans instead of 25.5 beans. There is no half bean.

No. The amount of beans you earn is determined by the price of the products.

Yes, beans have validity times and expired beans are deactivated every 1st day of each month. Validity periods vary according to the tier of the member - for Red Tier members, the validity of the beans is 6 months; for Gold Tier members, the validity of the beans are 12 months.

Gold Tier customers earn 20% more beans for their spending compared to Red Tier customers. For 1 KD spending, 12 beans are earned; for 500 fils spending, 6 beans are earned; similarly, there is no fractional bean earnings, the beans earned are always rounded down integer numbers. For example, if you are a Gold Tier member and spend 740 fils, 8 beans are earned because of rounding down (not 8.88 beans).

There are two ways to become a Gold Tier member.

  • Earning a total of 1,250 beans (spend 125 KD) in the first 90 days after downloading the app
  • Earning a total of 4,000 beans (spend 400 KD) in a year

You can enjoy your bonus beans by getting free products, however they are not counted in the beans that you earn by spending to become a Gold Tier member.

You will stay in Gold Tier for one year.

If you become a Gold Tier member,

  • You earn 20% more beans
  • You get 15 free refills
  • You get 15 free size upgrades

If you are a Gold Tier member, you need to earn 4,000 beans in a year, you can do this by spending less than 400 KD since you earn 20% more beans in your purchases.

Each bean is worth 10 fils. In other words, 100 beans are worth 1 KD.

You have to make your first purchase using the app and sign up and become a registered member to be able to redeem beans.

All you have to do is to tell the barista you will “pay with beans” while you order before making the payment. Scan your QR code at the till and get your order for free!

The beans cannot be converted to money, you can only use your beans to get products for free.

This depends on the free coffee. For example, in order to get a cup of coffee which is 1 KD, you have to redeem 100 beans. The app will show you what menu items can be redeemed with the number of beans you have accrued.

Customers can only buy product(s) with their beans if the total price is covered with beans amount, partial payment with beans is not possible.

The wiggle is a fun way to discover Costa offers! Shake your phone to reveal what the offers are. The more you wiggle, the more you will find offers tailored to your taste. When you shake your phone, three wiggle offer options will appear and you can choose to redeem one of these three offers.

You can wiggle once every week. The offers will expire within one week from offer launch date.

You can still wiggle! Just don’t forget that you have to redeem the offer you choose after seven days.

You will get a wide selection of offers ranging from extra beans to free add-ons. The more you use the app, the more tailored the offers become to your taste.

You don’t have to choose an offer immediately after wiggling. You can take time to think which offer you will choose and come back later. Keep in mind that all offers will expire seven days after launch of offer.

Your QR code contains your offer and if you make a qualifying transaction, you will have successfully redeemed the offer.

You can search by branch name from the search-box at the top of the screen or just click on the branch on the list to see the full address, exact location, opening times and available facilities in that branch. You can also tap on ‘Take me there’ button to drive to the location.

The status progress bar only fills with beans earned through transactions. The ‘bonus beans’ you earn upon download and profile completion do not count.

You can track your activity and see what type of offers you received previously.

This channel helps us understand how satisfied you are with your experience, and detect our improvement areas.

Currently, the Costa Coffee Kuwait app can be used only in Costa Coffee stores that are in Kuwait.

You can login to your account with a different mobile device if you enter the right OTP which is delivered to your mobile phone number, however once you login with a different device, the other device is logged out automatically. It means you can only stay logged in with a single mobile device at the same time. You can login to your account with a different mobile device if you enter the right OTP which is delivered to your mobile phone number, however once you login with a different device, the other device is logged out automatically. It means you can only stay logged in with a single mobile device at the same time.